LTI-WM-WiFi Interface Cradle

Use LTI-WM-WiFi to upload data in real time without access to a computer and installed software.

Downloaded data is fully encrypted and automatically uploaded to a secure server.

Easily set up to work with your WiFi network.

Accepts any TREX/TREL/TRED data loggers.

Product Description

The new LogTag Wall Mounted Wireless Interface Cradle is a high-speed interface device that connects
TREX/TREL/TRED data loggers to your WiFi network for real-time data download to a cloud platform.

Uploaded data is immediately available to authorized stakeholders and the robust and reliable contacts are good for thousands of insertions.

Inbuilt indicators show data download and network access status.

Additional Information


Product Model LTI-WM-WiFi
Operating Temperature Range -25°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature Range -40°C to +70°C
USB Standard 2.0
Logger Buffer Up to 45 logger downloads can be buffered
WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4Ghz) WPA/WPA2 security
Network Security WPA/WPA2-PSK
Environmental IP50 (Rated for inside use only)
Power Source 5V (computer or USB wall charger)
Size 70mm(H) x 114mm(W) x 38mm(D)
Weight 100g
Case Material ABS
Connection USB Micro
Range (Clear line of sight) 40m
Standard Accessories 2.0m USB Cable, USB Wall Charger (US, other models available upon request)