TICT iS0°Tag® – Freeze Indicator

Key Features:

‘Tick’/’Cross’ display shows temperature exposure below freezing point

Collect daily minimum/maximum temperature statistics for up to 3 years

Logged, time stamped recordings before & after alarm event

Product Description

The LogTag® TICT iS0°Tag® is a tamper-proof electronic indicator which shows if the temperature has been at or below freezing point (0°C or 32°F) for 60 minutes or more.

While the temperature remains above freezing point, the display shows a tick symbol. If the temperature drops below freezing point for 60 minutes or more, the display shows a cross symbol, which cannot be reset or deleted.

The TICT iS0°Tag® can be used to monitor the temperature of any freeze-sensitive product such as vaccine, food, or specialty chemicals for up to 3 years.

Statistical data can be downloaded using a dedicated LogTag® Interface Cradle and freely available LogTag® Analyzer software.

Additional Information


TICT iS0°Tag®

Operating Temperature Range

-25°C ~ +60°C (-13°F ~ +140°F)

Ambient humidity range during transport & use

0% to 95%RH


0.1°C or better in range of -25°C to +60°C (temperature shown after download)

Sensor Reaction Time

T90 less than 7 minutes by method detailed in EN12830:199

Sampling Frequency

Factory set to 5 minutes

Memory type

Non volatile


Up to 1096 day statistics, min/max temperature/time and accumulated excursion duration for each alarm for each day. Up to 540 real time readings are stored on an alarm activation.

Start delay



Precision electronic thermistor


Withstands vibration specification as detailed in EN12830:19


Withstands shock specification as detailed in EN12830:1999. Withstand 5 drops 1m to smooth concrete floor without loss of function or calibration.


IEC 60529: IP64

Resistance to Electrical Storms

Designed to resist the effects of intense electrical storms

Power Source

Internal 3V Lithium Li-Mg – non-replaceable

Battery Life

3 years (includes storage, operating time and minimum accessibility period after ‘stop’).


71.5mm(W) x 33.0mm(H) x 8.6mm(T)



Case Material



One year replacement warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase. Excludes misuse or abuse of the product or as a result of unauthorized alteration or repairs


Certificate of Traceability and Calibration to ISO/IEC17025 available on request.

Alarm Events

Single alarm event when recording temperatures lower than -0.5ºC for 60 minutes or longer


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