UTRID-16 – Multi-Use, Display USB Recorder

Key Features:

Display showing temperature & alarm status of up to six alarms.

Can be connected to any computer with a USB port.

Automatic generation of a PDF report as a permanent record of the data.

Creates a comprehensive data file compatible with LogTag Analyzer.

Cost effective multi-use format with user replaceable battery.

Ideal for multi-stage distribution channels involving “last-mile” stages.

Product Description

The LogTag UTRID-16 provides a display to allow immediate viewing of current and past temperature and alarm statistics as well as the facility to create a detailed PDF report without need for extra accessories and proprietary software.

The display shows recording status, current temperature, alarm status of up to six user-configurable alarms and duration of any temperature excursions. When the UTRID-16 is connected to a computer using the integrated USB plug, a detailed PDF report of the recorded temperature data and alarms can be automatically generated.

For more detailed data analysis, the UTRID-16 also creates an encrypted data file compatible with LogTag Analyzer® operating software and data management options.

Additional Information



Measurement Range

-25°C ~ +60°C (-13°F ~ +140°F)



Sensor Reaction Time

Typically less than 5 minutes (T90) in moving air (1m/s).


16,129 temperature readings. 112 days @ 10min logging, 168 days @ 15min logging. Statistics memory (for display on LCD): Max/Min values and alarm duration values.

Sampling Frequency

Configurable from 30 seconds to 18 hours.

Logging Start Options

Push button start or specific date & time. Optional start delay of up to 72 hours.

Recording Indication

“REC” symbol on LCD


IEC 60529: IP64 with USB cap fitted.

Power Source

3V CR2032 Battery.


93mm(H) x 54.5mm(W) x 8.6mm(T) including protective USB cap.)


39 grams

Connection Interface

USB 2.0, A-type plug.


PDF Reader, LogTag® Analyzer 2.8 or higher.

PDF Report

One page report with trip and alarm summary. Multi-page report with list of readings, including date and time.

Case Material



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